Someone call up Ma Bell and tell her AT&T sucks

I hate AT&T.

Unfortunately, the bulk of my friends/family use the god-forsaken company, making it far more convenient for me to stick with the thieving sons-of-bitches.

Background: About four months ago, an AT&T rep visited my work, promising outlandish tales of savings and value. Since I didn’t have to do a single thing other than request to receive this discounts, I moved ahead with the so-called savings, planning on lighting cigars with the cash I saved each month.

Except those savings never arrived.

After a month or so of my e-mails being ignored, I finally managed to get a response, which was pretty lackluster. They offered up some rigamarole about how I have an original iPhone, which isn’t permitted to be part of any special discounts. Fine, I say, but this is something the sales rep should have mentioned, particularly since he and I talked about my iPhone as he signed me up for savings.


At least a month had passed since I last heard from them about the situation, and then today I received this e-mail, which I’m sharing verbatim:

“The flyer I saw was for a blackberry. Iphone 2g is no eligible for a
state discount or any monthly discounts. The 15% monthly discount has
requirements and restrictions and Iphone 2g is not including in the
state contact.”

This was my response:
A. While the flyer used a BlackBerry in the illustration, your rep, Alex, never made mention that this was ONLY for BlackBerry users, as you are implying. I cannot be certain, of course, but I’m willing to wager that most of the people who met with Alex that fateful day do not own BlackBerrys but instead have other AT&T-equipped phones.

B. You are correct that the “Iphone” is “no eligble” for these discounts. I learned this not through your rep that day but through my own research after three months of failing to receive the discounted rate I had been promised. Of course, I realize it’s now a moot point since you’re claiming that the rates are only for BlackBerry users.

C. In the future, you should probably alert your customers of such requirements and restrictions. I, for one, would like to have known my phone is “not including” in the “contact.”

D. Next time you decide to talk down to a long-time customer, invest a few minutes into a grammar check. It’s the little button at the top of your screen with an “ABC” and a checkmark.

All the best,
Kevin Hall


2 thoughts on “Someone call up Ma Bell and tell her AT&T sucks

  1. see, texting has clearly become the evil nemisis of all the grammatically correct people of the world…but b4 u get anuthr phon plan, considr tht att does have bttr coverage globally, except in central ky and any area i am traveling in…

  2. This has nothing to do with AT&T, but I heard you on the old timey transistor radio today talking about the West Nile virus.

    It was cutting into my Prairie Home Companion time, though.

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