Season 2, Football Picks: Week 5

I suck.

I cannot pick NFL games (but at least I’m better at it than, say, Cory or Jeff.

I finished an underwhelming 7-6 last week, dropping me to 34-26 on the year, but I blame most of my weekend failures on a sore shoulder, courtesy some (possibly) torn cartilage. I would say getting old is terrible, but then Brett Favre would laugh at me, and then go make another Wrangler commercial. (Speaking of Wranglers, when we passed the Wrangler Outlet on the way to Cincinnati, Cory said, “Talk about unnecessary. I mean, how much more outlet can Wranglers can get? They’re what, $14?”)

So, here are this weeks picks (in tight-fittin’ jeans, no less):

Kansas City at Carolina
Chicago at Detroit
Atlanta at Green Bay
San Diego at Miami
Seattle at New York Giants
Washington at Philadelphia
Tennessee at Baltimore
Indianapolis at Houston
Tampa Bay at Denver
Buffalo at Arizona
New England at San Francisco
Cincinnati at Dallas
Pittsburgh at Jacksonville
Minnesota at New Orleans

I wanted to post this mid-week, but the whole financial thing threw me off, so for what it’s worth, I like the Dodgers to upset the Cubs (Manny will prove to be too much), the Phillies over the Brewers (Sabathia can’t pitch every game for Milwaukee), Boston over the Angels and Tampa Bay over the White Sox. In the NLCS, the Dodgers continue to streak, and in the ALCS, look for the Red Sox to take control. I’m thinking Boston repeats as World Series champs, too.

And here’s this:

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