I hate you and your stupid ass-face show

I no longer believe in Heroes.

Two years ago, when I first heard of the series, I thought it sounded intriguing, but I didn’t watch it because I thought there was no way NBC would let it air for a full season.

I was wrong.

It turned out to be an unexpected hit, so when Season One came out on DVD, I watched every episode in a mini-marathon in an effort to be prepared for Season Two last fall.

Oh, I was prepared.

Too bad the show wasn’t.

Last season was so slow and muddled I (along with fans everywhere) thought about giving up on it. I ended up sticking through, though, mainly because I credited the writers’ strike as a prime suspect in the dip in quality.

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to watch the first part of Season Three, and I’m afraid to say that it, too, sucked. Except that’s an insult to things that suck. Season Three’s first 15 minutes was damn near unwatchable.

What caused it to be so bad?

Well, it has piss-poor writing, directing, acting and special effects, so it pretty much fails on every level. Additionally, it’s riddled with clichés, and I just don’t have the time or effort to watch sub-mediocre television.

So, to Ando and Hiro, Claire and Sylar and all the rest of the characters (including Peter, whose droopy-mouthed delivery irritated me to no end, and The Indian Guy, who might very well be the worst actor on the planet), I say farewell.

6 thoughts on “I hate you and your stupid ass-face show

  1. lol truth is the best reality check and your headline is hilarious!!! I never watched this show because I knew right off the bat it would suck mad balls. Call it the 6th sense but I know cheesy, hollow hearted acting when I see the commercial or hear a couple minutes of the dialogue… bad acting spits in my face then carrys on like it didnt do nothing… beside’s the obvious… stripping me of my faith and dignity in all things professional… in this case, watching the show entirely…

  2. When Angela told Sylar she was his mother it was over for me. Season 1 was great. No doubt about it. Season 2 sucked (I guess the writers strike had something to do with it). Season 3 is just awful. bad writing, bad acting, cliche after cliche etc etc. I never want to see this sorry excuse for a show ever again.

  3. Hi Robbert, I found this blog while googling Heroes Sucks. Anyway, i TOTALLY agree with this post. I was a huge season 1 Heroes fan, but season 2 onwards the show is just drastically spiralling downwards. It’s really heading fast towards cancellation. I mean seriously, everything is so contrived; plot twists are so convoluted, and it seems like the writers are adding in plot twists for the sake of keeping fans on the edge. Which if you ask me is really exploitative.

    It’s just like Lost now. Until the writers can buck up and convince me they actually have a few freaking answers instead of pointlessly leading us onto new cliched plot lines, I’m not going back to the show.

    Hopefully here in Singapore we’ll stop airing Heroes after its present season.

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