Season 2, Football Picks: Week 8

We’re almost halfway through the NFL season, and at this point I still don’t see any team fully capable of winning the Super Bowl. Sure, the Titans are undefeated, but as good as that defense is, can their offense, led by Kerry Collins, get the job done? Of course, Baltimore won a Super Bowl with a stellar defense and a less-than-stellar Trent Dilfer as quarterback.

Speaking of stellar, I had a great week, going 11-3, which bumps me up to 63-39 on the season. Whoo-hoo!

I’m sure I’ll fail this week, though:
Tampa Bay at Dallas
Washington at Detroit
Buffalo at Miami
St. Louis at New England
San Diego at New Orleans
Kansas City at New York Jets
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Oakland at Baltimore
Arizona at Carolina
Cleveland at Jacksonville
Cincinnati at Houston
New York Giants at Pittsburgh
Seattle at San Francisco
Indianapolis at Tennessee


2 thoughts on “Season 2, Football Picks: Week 8

  1. I am glad Hockey Season started. I have Center Ice Package too. I will still cheer on EKU Hockey as well. Guess i should, I am the Asst Defensive Coach/Trainer for their owies.

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