I’m about to get scared

I’ve had enough of this UK/Florida football game (right now, Kentucky is trailing 42-3 at the half).

So, I’m turning my attention to a DVD — The Strangers.

I’ve been afraid of this movie ever since first seeing the trailer earlier this year. For those of you who might have missed out:

My friend Nathan says the movie isn’t all that good, but I think he’s just acting cool now (he was as scared as the rest of us when watching the trailer). I’m not taking any chances, though, so I’m watching the movie in the middle of the day, which makes me feel much safer should hooded hooligans show up unexpectedly in my house.

Pray for me.

And, while you’re at it, throw a prayer in for UK — they probably need it more.

Addendum: So Nathan was wrong. Maybe he’s just a bigger, stronger man, but The Strangers creeped me out. Sure, there were some plot issues, but there were moments with so much tension and dread that I debated stopping the movie.

1 thought on “I’m about to get scared

  1. seriously? Boys get scared like that too? The whole watching in the middle of the day thing- so sounds like something I would do.

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