Season 2, Football Picks: Week 9

I’m on a roll.


I followed an 11-3 week with a 10-4 mark last week, bringing me to 73-43 on the season. That’s a record I can definitely live with.


So what do we know after Week 8 of the NFL?

  • The Tennessee Titans are for real.
  • Matt Ryan is damn impressive.
  • The Bengals and Lions might be among the worst teams ever.
  • The Chiefs are one snap away from starting Larkin Townsend at quarterback.
  • The New York Giants (and QB Eli Manning) might actually be good.
  • Thanks to Kyle Orton, the Chicago Bears have a legitimate aerial attack.
  • My fantasy football squad, the Georgetown Jedis, is the most overrated, useless collection of talent, and that goes from the top on down. The team’s owner/general manager is an idiot.


Here are my picks for this week:


New York Jets at Buffalo

Detroit at Chicago

Jacksonville at Cincinnati

Baltimore at Cleveland

Green Bay at Tennessee

Arizona at St. Louis

Houston at Minnesota

Tampa Bay at Kansas City

Miami at Denver

Atlanta at Oakland

Dallas at New York Giants

Philadelphia at Seattle

New England at Indianapolis

Pittsburgh at Washington

1 thought on “Season 2, Football Picks: Week 9

  1. The Giants and Eli are for real? Hmmm…where have I heard that before? Who has been saying that all along? Oh yeah, I remember. It was me!

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