The Highlight of my weekend

Thanks to my friend over at Pop Candy, I found this great link, taking me back to my childhood, particularly trips to my dentist’s office:

I Was A Highlights Kid.

And nothing really represents Highlights like Goofus and Gallant, two boys, one a ne’erdowell, the other an uptight goody-twoshoes, who taught us right from wrong. Unfortunately, life is a bit more complex than the absolute shades of black and white found in this black-and-white drawings, but at least they were memorable. That Goofus, man, he was always messing up.

So, now you can go the site and write your own captions for Mssrs. Goofus and Gallant, much like this (click on the image to the see the whole thing):


3 thoughts on “The Highlight of my weekend

  1. That reminds me of a Beavis and Butthead episode.

    While Butthead is getting a checkup at the dentist’s office, Beavis is in the waiting room reading a Highlights magizine. Beavis starts laughing and says, “Goofus is cool.” Ha!

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