Season 2, Football Picks: Week 12

To help my sister and brother-in-law be with his family Thursday, my family will celebrate Thanksgiving on Sunday. Being that Sunday is traditionally a day of professional tackle football, I’ll still be able to feast on turkey, et al, then crash on a couch with a game on, just before I fall asleep.

Good times.

This year, I’m thankful that my fantasy football team, the ol’ warhorse Georgetown Jedis, found themselves back in the playoffs, thanks to a three-game winning streak at season’s end.

I am, however, not very thankful for last week’s NFL schedule, which saw me finish a blah 9-6-1, leaving me at 99-60-1 on the year.

This week’s picks are:

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay at Detroit
New York Jets at Tennessee
Buffalo at Kansas City
Chicago at St. Louis
New England at Miami
Minnesota at Jacksonville
Philadelphia at Baltimore
Houston at Cleveland
San Francisco at Dallas
Oakland at Denver
Washington at Seattle
New York Giants at Arizona
Carolina at Atlanta
Indianapolis at San Diego
Green Bay at New Orleans


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