Season 2, Football Picks: Week 15

I want Tennessee and Arizona to play in the Super Bowl.

Now, I have no major love for either of these teams, but since my Chicago Bears skirt with mediocrity, it might help to have a backup plan in place once the playoffs roll around.

With the Titans, I admire Coach Jeff Fisher, who I think is probably the most underrated coach in the history of the league. He came within a yard of winning a Super Bowl against the Rams, and really, that elusive title is the only thing preventing him from entering the ranks of the greats.

The Cardinals have nothing like that in their favor, but I find myself rooting for them because of their amazing offense, not to mention the mere fact they’ve never been good. They have sucked for so long that it’s exciting to see them winning. Let’s also not forget they have the toughest man in sports, one Anquan Boldin who had his face broken earlier this year and has made a triumphant return.

The real reason I want these teams to meet, though, is to have some sort of Bizarro BCS title game rematch between Titans quarterback Vince Young and Cardinals QB Matt Leinart, both of whom are now eating pine behind veterans (and I’m using that word instead of the more accurate “old farts”) Kerry Collins and Kurt Warner. Young and Leinart, full of flash, have yet to amount to anything resembling their pre-draft potential, with mental problems blocking the way for one and something that appears to be full-blown arrogance hindering the other.

So now these two whippersnappers find themselves not just sitting but being schooled by two guys who have been to Super Bowls (and won in Warner’s case), found themselves out of a job, returned to levels of goodness if not greatness, again found themselves out of a job and then settling in with the right team at the right time and drinking Gatorade’s new Fountain of Youth flavor.

I love the NFL.

This week’s peeks are:
New Orleans at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
Washington at Cincinnati
Detroit at Indianapolis
San Diego at Kansas City
Green Bay at Jacksonville
Seattle at St. Louis
San Francisco at Miami
Buffalo at New York Jets
Tennessee at Houston
Minnesota at Arizona
Denver at Carolina
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
New England at Oakland
New York Giants at Dallas
Cleveland at Philadelphia

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