Hot foot! Hot foot!

I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes (sneakers, to be technical about it), and in the process looked at, which I always highly recommend. They are a fantastic online company with free shipping both ways, meaning that if you try on a shoe and it doesn’t fit/look right/whatever, you can send it back without problem. Plus, their workers are friendly, so it’s just a win-win, and when keeping in mind they usually have the shoes marked down, it’s a triple-win of value.

I do, however, question this one description of a pair of Pumas: “The ideal product for the motorsport enthusiast and lifestyle statement at the same time (not fireproof).”

I think I speak for most of us when I say, “Huh?”

Are some Pumas fireproof and I just happen to be interested in the one pair that’s not? Are Puma footwear enthusiasts often setting fires at foot level, thus needing the appropriate shoe? Am I taking a great podiatral risk by wearing such shoes?

Other random thoughts, mostly about movies:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: long, boring most of the time but probably worth seeing because of the unique story and some amazing visuals. Overall, I didn’t like it because it combined the worst elements of Forrest Gump and The English Patient, which are two of the most overrated movies of the 1990s.

Milk: Overrated but still a good movie. Sean Penn will get another Oscar nomination, but let’s not lock it up for him just yet. I’m just really afraid most critics are in love with the movie out of fear of being labeled homophobic, as well as being swept up in its themes of change/hope in the Age of Obama. While there’s nothing at all wrong with those messages, I’d prefer the movie be judged on its own merit.

Slumdog Millionaire: Again, good but not great, so I don’t understand why all the critics are drooling all over themselves in calling it the film of the year. It’s sweet, gripping at times, funny at others and has some camera work reminiscent of City of God (one of the best films I’ve ever seen). In the end, though, there are some flaws keeping it from being true four-star potential.

Lost Season 4: I’m rewatching the series, this time in glorious Blu-Ray, and let me say that nothing I’ve seen so far shines in the super high-definition like Lost. It’s simply amazing, although it doesn’t help me understand the mind riddles throughout the show.


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