A new year with old habits

The worst part of a new year is the changing of the date.

It takes at least two weeks to stop writing 2008 instead of 2009, with some brain lapses continuing into late January/early February. As a child in school, this wasn’t as big of a deal because we worked exclusively with pencils, meaning our trusty erasers eliminated any trace of the mistake.

Actually, that’s not true. The erasers left a dark smudge on the page, which only called attention to the initial error, thus alerting the teacher to your educational deficiencies (unless you were homeschooled, in which case your teacher/parent would blame someone else, probably Dick Clark).

Now, though, I live in a world of ink and documents in triplicate, thus preserving my yearly mistake of, well, years for my company, the vendor and someone else (I’ve never been sure who gets the third copy). I guess I’ve also compounded it by blogging about it. Sigh …


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