A day of change

I really can’t add anything to today’s events that hasn’t already been said and/or written.

I wish President Obama well, knowing that he has a tough road ahead of him. I’m afraid he’s being set up to fail, because with all this hype (really, the comparisons to Lincoln, FDR and JFK must stop immediately) there’s too much to live up to without failing.

I also wish former President Bush well, knowing that he had a tough road behind him. He was forced to make tough decisions that were unlike anything this country had faced, and while I feel some people manipulated him, I truly believe he’s a good man and wanted the best.

But really, that’s all just an excuse to post this:

God bless the United States of America … and the Internet.


3 thoughts on “A day of change

  1. I wish Obama well also. He wasn’t my choice, but I do hope he succeeds.

    Did anyone hear his speech today? It was pretty ordinary, but it did include five references to God, one mention of scripture and a strong warning to terrorists. I bet that didn’t go over well with his far-left nut base.

  2. The setup to fail hasn’t been his own. He has repeatedly said that he will make mistakes and that it won’t happen overnight. His fan base (really, did you ever in your lifetime expect to be a ‘fan’ of a politician?) understands this. And that fan base is larger than those who will gloat when and if he does fail.

    And it’s nice to think the president might do good rather than knowing he probably won’t.

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