The Grammys, if anyone really cares

I used to care about the Grammys, despite the fact that someone like Celine Dion has a Best Album award and someone like Bruce Springsteen does not.

I quit truly caring about the Grammys after Springsteen’s masterpiece, The Rising, lost the top award to Norah Jones’ collection of hushed jazz and breathy whispers. The Rising is a true artistic statement about the aftermath of Sept. 11, while Jones’ album is, well, I don’t really know because it’s completely forgettable.

That being said, my attention toward this year’s award show is now piqued since Radiohead will be performing “15 Step” with the University of Southern California marching band. Word from those having seen the rehearsal is that is is phenomenal. I guess I need to set my DVR.

One prediction: I can honestly see any of the nominated albums (Coldplay, Ne-Yo, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Radiohead and Lil Wayne) winning, but my gut says to go with Coldplay, with a possible Plant/Krauss win.


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