Hair ye, hair ye

I am, by my own calendar calculations, halfway through Lent Beard 2009, a project DT. Wells and I concocted at the behest of the boys in our church youth group.

While most people would argue (correctly, I might add) that giving up shaving for Lent isn’t much of a sacrifice, rest assured that DT and I are also forgoing other items (salt for him, dessert for me). The beards, though, serve as an outward sign of sacrifice, mainly in the amount of dates the facial hair is likely costing us.

I’ve grown a beard before, topping out at the four-week mark, so this time will be different as we’re pushing for the full 40 days of Lent. It’s going to be tough, as it’s already itching, which probably isn’t a manly thing to complain about, but it’s true: beards itch.

So, here it is, Lent Beard 2009, at halftime:


2 thoughts on “Hair ye, hair ye

  1. Did you know that there is an annual beard growing competition in the good ol’ USA- I am thinking New York for some reason, and that you could win BIG bucks…though profitting from any potential winnings man be inappropriate considering your beard is born of sacrifice. However, you could continue to grow the beard and donate the winnings to your church, just a thought. I feel as though you and DT would be able to create your own category in the competition and win hands down if you shared the idea of donating your winnings; that and you could both charm the judges with your wit and rugged good looks…

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