Random things on a rainy day

There is no major point or theme to today’s entry, so please don’t expect a little thread tying it together at the end.

While I’m absolutely loving this season of Lost, there are a few things that I think really need to get brought back into the show’s mix as soon as possible: Farraday, Desmond and John Locke. I know it’s partly selfish as those are three of my five favorite characters (Sawyer and Juliet being the other two), but mainly it’s because of the great acting each brings to every episode. Also, I miss the use of the word “brutha.”

I watched I Love You, Man over the weekend, and I most definitely approve. I watched in Georgetown, home of the world’s cruddiest movie theatre complex, and the crowd was definitely a dud, but I still laughed out loud several times, often embarrassingly so.

I’m pretty much addicted to Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak and Kings of Leon’s Only by the Night, both of which came out last year. I enjoyed both on first listen, but they grow deeper and better with each listen, which is happening about once a week these days.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hired as the next University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach. Why not start that rumor, since every other conceivable option has already been thrown out there? I know everyone looooooves to say they know for a fact, a FACT, that Rick Pitino is coming back, but I see no chance in Hades or beyond that such a thing will happen. UK fans need to move on; Pitino certainly has, particularly with Louisville battling for an NCAA title. UK sounds like a man who still wants to reconcile with his ex-wife, who has since married Tom Brady. My friend Cory says it’s more like Eli Manning than Brady, but I say it’s Ben Roethlisberger, whose similarities to UofL are eerie: both are large, lunkheads who somehow seem to get it together every so often and win big games; both look stupid and are ugly, but you know they still get women/recruits.

I also hate to think about Travis Ford as a potential candidate (trust me, if you went to UK during that era, you, too, would be tired of hearing about “Travy”). Same with John Calipari (his programs have long been under clouds of suspicion for cheating, something UK can ill aford), Jeff Capel (still too inexperience, and UK fans should also remember he played at Duke) and Billy Donovan (OK, I admit he’s the most likely candidate, but I like him about as much as I like the aforementioned Travy).

Finally, here are some links to some wonderful sports columns by ESPN the Magazine‘s Rick Reilly:
Column 1
Column 2
Column 3

5 thoughts on “Random things on a rainy day

  1. As a current UK student, I will help to very quickly spur along the Kevin-Hall-as-head-coach rumor.

    As a student at EKU when ‘Travy’ was the overblown head coach there, and after waiting on him, his etiquetteless wife, and disciplineless children in a furniture showroom, I can only (nicely) say I really hope he doesn’t come back.

  2. though it would never happen, i am a fan of john anderson- that is of course, unless they do come to their senses and hire you…and then i except season tickets behind the bench.

  3. I find Kevin Hall as a worthy candidate for UK coach. Yet, as I write this, Caliperi is the front-runner.

    If that doesn’t work out, let’s be progressive and hire Pat Summitt. Coach Summitt is proven, has a great relationship with the fans and could not get any higher profile than to be the UK coach. I’m a bit surprised that a Div I men’s program hasn’t picked her up.

  4. My gerontology professor is British. He’s been in America for so long that he only really sounds British when he says particular words. Today, he slipped and said ‘Hey brutha’ and corrected himself with ‘buddy’.

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