Today is a national holiday for many, aka Twilight actor Robert Pattison is quitting the sequel

Even though I’m cautiously excited about John Calipari being Kentucky’s new basketball coach (just two weeks ago, I reiterated my long-held belief that “he’s the worst human in basketball and I hate, hate, HATE him), part of my still would be exceptionally amused if this turned out to be an elaborate April Fool’s ruse.

Think about it.

The UK fans are whipped into a frenzy over Calipari’s arrival AND former coach Billy Gillispie’s departure. Several fans lined up for hours in the rain at Bluegrass Airport to greet the new coach, only to be told he was arriving at another location. (If you haven’t seen the clip of Calipari’s biggest fan, Rick Thompson, go to, click on the video tab and watch the 11 p.m. March 31 broadcast. It’s a thing of frightening beauty).

So, imagine the shock and outrage if UK athletics director Mitch Barnhard and Gillispie took the stage today to announce it was all a joke. Yeah, there would probably be riots and mayhem, but it would be, undoubtedly, the best one ever.

Other notes:

  • I read this article (with the link provided to me courtesy Whitney Matheson’s Pop Candy blog) about April Fool’s Pranks about movie news circulating today. It includes some great stunts being pulled on fans today (including a Batman rumor involving a CGI Heath Ledger as the Joker in the next Dark Knight film). Check it out here.
  • My personal favorite involves Robert Pattison quitting the sequel to Twilight, which surely has teen girls everywhere writing bad poetry in their journals.

  • On another UK note, I have been pushing to rename the student section at Rupp Arena the Cal’s Pasture, which makes sense in an agricutlure-heavy state. However, my friend Tommy Druen trumped me, suggesting the Cal Zone. Nice.
  • Some talk has turned to the odds of Louisville coach Rick Pitino now leaving to take the Arizona job, which my friend Cory places at about 45 percent. I say there’s no chance because of Pitino’s outsized ego — leaving now will look too much like “this state ain’t big enough for the two of us,” which is exactly why Cory thinks he’ll leave, suggesting Pitino will struggle with no longer being the state’s big dog Frankly, I hope he stays because the Calipari/Pitino rivalry will be the biggest thing since Hogan/Giant.
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    One thought on “Today is a national holiday for many, aka Twilight actor Robert Pattison is quitting the sequel

    1. A friend of mine said she heard about the Cal Zone, too. I, however, didn’t even know there was a name to be up for grabs.

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