Opening Day, spaceships, toddlers, Model-T cars and jars of beer

I don’t care what ESPN tries to tell me, Sunday, April 5, was most decidedly not Opening Day of Major League Baseball. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to the sport (meaning I don’t like steroids but fully approve of cocaine and uppers from the 1980s), so I never fully acknowledge the start of the season until the first pitch in Cincinnati.

Too bad the Reds (my second favorite National League team) start off with my beloved New York Mets (my favorite team in MLB), meaning one of them will start the season with a losing record. Given the Reds youthful lineup, the Mets will probably take charge now, all the better for their traditional late-season collapse.

Like I said, I’m a traditionalist.

One good thing about Opening Day in Cincinnati is that it leads to things like this:

And this video has nothing to do with anything related to baseball, but it is one of the most bizarre Saturday Night Live sketches I’ve ever seen (it aired last year, and I still laugh so hard it makes my stomach cramp). A newer version ran this past weekend that described the two singers as sounding like “Elvis having sex with Conway Twitty while Dolly Parton watched.” Perfect. (Note, the stupid Facebook video service won’t work, so just click on the link).

Spaceships, Toddlers, Model T. Cars & Jars of Beer


One thought on “Opening Day, spaceships, toddlers, Model-T cars and jars of beer

  1. As a life-long Reds fan, I’m not sure how people outside of our Cincinnati still recognize the significance of our opener … so many thanks for the props!

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