It. Is. Time.

Kids, the time for seriousness is now.

Put down your funny pages, your coloring books, your iPods, iPhones, iMacs, and turn your eyeballs this way.

The 2009 Skullz Fantasy Football Draft is here.


The draft is being held Saturday at The Cory S. Graham Entertainment and Convention Center in the heart of beautiful Clay City. This is the day in which six owners come in with high hopes of capturing the league title. The other two owners, Shane and Brinton, well, I think they come mostly for the pizza and wings. Their teams definitely don’t give any indication of grasping the notion of fantasy football.

So, my friends, my friendship with Cory, Aaron, Kyle, The Drake (with co-owner John Martin), Shane, Brinton and Jared goes on hiatus at noon Saturday. I look forward to kicking their collective arses.


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