Leave no shrimp behind

Never doubt the power of ShrimpFest.

Each year, my friends and I gather at Red Lobster for what the restaurant calls “Endless Shrimp,” but we lovingly (and dorkily) refer to as ShrimpFest. It’s an annual change to gorge ourselves on different types of shrimp, and we take full advantage of it.

Last year, Shane, Cory, Nathan and I gathered Oct. 7 for ShrimpFest 2008, and this year, we replaced Nathan with Kyle for a return visit, which ended up being exactly one year later. We have since dubbed Oct. 7 National ShrimpFest Day and will spend that day stuffing our gullets with delicious shrimps.

I left ShrimpFest 2009 miserable, vowing never to eat again. Now, just barely more than two weeks later, I’m gearing up for another round, as Shane, Cory, Kyle and I are planning on meeting tonight with Brian. Originally, Teddy Ray was due to join us, but a new job cut into that plan, which sucks for our group but probably helps Red Lobster’s bottom line.

To give an idea of how serious we are about ShrimpFest, I offer you this, an unedited transcript of a chat I had with Cory:

Cory: brian has to dash home after work and clean up the house a bit, as they have a real estate agent coming to look at the place. he estimates that he can be on my porch no earlier than 5 and no later than 530. if for any reason he will be unable to attend, he will let us know as soon as possible, allowing us to leave earlier. i’d say we’ll leave realistically at around 5:15, as brian is one of the most prompt people i know

me: ok. i’ve texted kyle to see when he’s off work.my plan is to meet up with him, piddle around lex a bit, then go to the restaurant like we did before.

Cory: sounds like a winning plan. TR is out on the trip, his new job surprised him with a demand that he be on the job in louisville by six. so it should just be the same four from last time, plus brian

me: that sucks about TR

Cory: yeah it does. he was organizing everyone at 1030 and then not going at 1045

me: well, should we shoot for another day instead?

Cory: why would we do that? teddy will be working in louisville for days upon days. he may not even make it back for the party on Saturday. we can’t wait on him as shrimpfest will be over by the time he could attend

me: i love the conviction you’re feeling for shrimpfest. picture this as you pounding your fist, the soundtrack swelling, your voice catching as you say “we can’t wait on him …”

Cory: the funny thing being that i may not even partake in shrimpfest! i’m considering getting some crab legs tonight. i heart the shrimp, but they’ll make for a bloated friday evening. i still haven’t ruled out shrimpfest, but it’s in the air. shrimp = game time decision


One thought on “Leave no shrimp behind

  1. I feel the same way when IHOP brings out their funnel cakes topped with fruit. Except my experiences often involve less shame and more abandon.

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