This is a MUSTstache

I made the bet.

I lost the bet.

I grew a beard.

I kept a mustache.

Thanks to yesterday’s grand race during a lunch break at work, I am now the proud owner of a mustache for the next two weeks. I realize I look ridiculous mustachioed up, but that’s the price I pay for being slow.


9 thoughts on “This is a MUSTstache

  1. Make it go away! Kill it!! Delete!! Delete!! I saw this pic & I had to put my feet up in the chair…you know, just a normal protective reaction when you see an insect or rodent running around on the floor…I do not like it, Sam I am!! You look like Wyatt Earp….in a 70’s porn kinda way! I dunno if I should turn, walk 10 steps & draw my gun….or if I should grab a condom & start saying dirty words!! Wait…70’s porn didnt use condoms…Im just very disturbed right now & I need someone to hold my hand while I close my eyes tightly & repeat Happy Thoughts!! You are herby forbidden to make any kind of bets that involve facial hair!! I would not like it in a bar…I would not like it in the back seat of a car…I would not like it on webcam….I do not like it, Sam I am. Like Ive said before, its a good thing you’re charming!

  2. I get not welshing on a bet. But why did you bring the ‘stache down past the upper lip?

    And why do i feel like you’re about to tell me to reach for the sky?

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