Coming soon … Best of the Aughts

I’ll leave it to others to discuss when the decade actually ends (Dec. 31 2009, or Dec. 31, 2010), but for now, I’m going to follow the lead of other pop culture enthusiasts and go with 2009.

Starting Monday, Dec. 14, I’ll be presenting my list of the decade’s best movies, releasing 10 titles at a time. I don’t pretend to think this list carries any weight or significance. Instead, what I want it to be is a starting point for discussion — what are your favorite movies of the decade? — and a way to encourage you to go out and watch some of the ones you’ve never seen (or rewatch your favorites on the list).

I had fun going through and revisiting some of the top titles of the past 10 years, and I look forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions. I’ll see you on Monday.


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