Kevin’s Best Movies of the Decade, Nos. 41-50

It’s always difficult to make a “Best Of” list each year, but that doesn’t stop anyone at all from trying. The lists are, of course, completely subjective, and this one is no different. The 2000s, or The Aughts, if you prefer (and I do), had some masterful films that deserve mention in the Best of the Decade list of most people. You’ll see more than a few on this list, I’m sure.

Others, though, are a bit more personal to me. You will likely find a few in my Top 10 (and definitely my Top 50) that you don’t agree with, but this list doesn’t necessarily mark the “best” films made so much as the ones I enjoyed the most.

Quality, of course, counts for quite a bit, but so does rewatchability and quotability. There’s a huge difference between liking a film and loving a film, and this list is all about love, at least in the top 20 or so.

I’m sure we won’t always agree, but that’s OK. My only hope is that if you’ve not seen some of these, go out soon and rent (or buy) them and prepare for a treat. These are the Kevin’s Best Movies of the Decade:

50. (tie) Murderball
(tie) Young @ Heart

It’s hard for me to rank documentaries, because they’re more about the emotional pull than they are the actual quality of the filmmaking. They can’t really provide the showmanship of fictional films, but sometimes you don’t need that, as these two provide. Both films, although completely different in topic, provide an honest look about human interaction, hope, faith and not staying content in your current situation. Also, both make me weep every time I watch them.

49. Unbreakable
M. Night Shymalan’s attempt at making an original comic book movie stands up better than The Sixth Sense (or anything else he’s made since then).

48. Shaun of the Dead
I’m not a fan of zombie movies, but I am a fan of inventive filmmaking and good comedies. Shaun is both.

47. Chicago
Great songs. Great scenes. Great way to revive life in a failing genre.

46. The Aviator
Honestly, I need to re-watch this one as I was distracted by the pending end of a relationship that was coming post movie, so there’s always a chance this one could place higher on the list. That said, it deserves its spot on the Top 50 if only for Martin Scorsese’s use of color and film stock to recreate Hollywood eras.

45. Moulin Rouge!
It was loud and over the top, but every moment of this musical buzzed with the joy of making movies.

44. The Wrestler
Mickey Rourke brings this sadsack to life, as depressing as that life might be.

43. Finding Nemo
Pixar doing what Pixar does best: taking a simple tale and make it something universal and deeper than expected.

42. In the Bedroom
Few films in the decade left quite a mark on my emotions like In the Bedroom. It is quite possibly the most depressing movie I’ve ever watched, but the acting, writing and directing are amazing. Sissy Spacek and Tom Wilkinson shine as the grieving parents.

41. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
With all the flying and fighting in trees, it’s easy to forget the story being old in Ang Lee’s film, but let’s face it: the flying and fighting in trees make it spectacular.

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s Best Movies of the Decade, Nos. 41-50

  1. Shaun of the Dead…a classic. I honestly don’t know how you can rank any films at all. I have a hard enough time with my Top 3…so I always only name two because I don’t want to make any films feel left out.

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