Friends in blog places

I have, as of 7 a.m. Dec. 22, 482 friends on Facebook. Many of them are childhood and high school friends, some of them are new friends I’ve made over the past few years and a few of them are people I know only through Facebook.

I know a Daxon.

I know a Daylan.

I know a Saranda.

I know a Da’.

I know a Sabra.

Mostly, though, I know a bunch of Tom, Dick and Harrys (actually, I only know three Toms, one Dick and no Harrys), along with a bunch of Amys, Tinas and Wendys.

Bringing new definition to the term “bored,” I sifted through my Facebook friends, keeping a running tally of the most popular names. Fortunately, my phone presents them all in alphabetical order by first name, so this wasn’t as difficult as it otherwise could have been.

Here you go:

Jessica: 8
David/Dave: 7
Don/Donald/Donna: 7 (although if you add in Donise and Donnell, that comes to 9; when you consider that one is an alias, that could mean either 6 or 8, but I’m counting it)
Melissa: 7
Shannon: 7
Jennifer: 6 (7 if you count Jenny)
Matt: 6
Stacey/Stacy/Stacy: 6
Sara/Sarah: 6
Connie: 5
Jason: 5
John: 5
April: 4
Becky: 4 (6 with Becca and Rebecca)
Catie/Katie: 4
Chad: 4
Chris: 4
Jamie/Jaime: 4
Kellee/Kelli/Kelly: 4
Kristi/Kristie/Kristin: 4
Leah/Lee/LeAnn: 4
Laura/Laurie: 9
Mark: 4
Nathan: 4
Wendy: 4
Allison: 3
Amanda: 3
Amy: 3
Angela: 3
Ashley: 3
Cristal/Crystal: 3
Doug: 3
Elizabeth: 3
Greg: 3
Heather: 3
James: 3
Jim/Jimmy: 3
Justin: 3 (4, if you count Justyna)
Karen: 3
Kim: 3
Michelle: 3
Pam: 3
Susan/Suzannah/Susie: 3
Tina: 3
Whitney: 3

Oddly enough, I know two Sabrinas, both of whom have ties to my former newspaper, which is where I also know Sabra.

If any of you ever get bored enough to follow suit, I’m sure I’m not the only Kevin. I will, however, bet good money I’m the only Strother.


4 thoughts on “Friends in blog places

  1. I’d also like to point out that when I wrote this a few days ago, I had nine Lauras. That was down to four this morning. I have no idea what I did to lose the other five, but to all the Lauras out there, I’m sorry.

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