I’ve found myself, in reasons I don’t fully understand, taking part in a 5K run Saturday morning in Powell County.

I’ve never run a 5K. I’ve never run a 1K. The last time I took part in any sanctioned running contest was in fifth grade.

That was in spring of 1986.

Clearly, this is a bad idea

So why, exactly, am I doing this?

Peer pressure, plain and simple.

I was already heading home to Powell County for my youngest nephew’s birthday celebration, and my sister had previously mentioned this run, but that was a few months ago. I pretty much brushed her off then, thinking I’d have some good excuse come race day, but when she asked again this week, I froze.

When I partially thawed, I found myself agreeing to run five kilometers, despite not having been able to run for the last month or so because of a bone contusion on my foot.

Once my sister started telling me that she would be running in it, my competitive nature started rising – surely I can beat my older sister. I mean, she’s 40, after all. Other family members are competing in the race, including my nephews (ages 14, 12 and soon-to-be 9).

But then my sister unveiled her trump card: our mom is taking part. Oh, she’ll probably walk most, if not all, of it, but still, a 5K is a 5K, no matter the speed.

Thus, I found myself agreeing, like an idiot, to take part. I’ll just turn on my iPod (listening to Born to Run, of course,) and go. I just wish I had my mom’s attitude about it.

“Remember, it is just for fun,” she told me. “I have been telling people to support me – come to my visitation on Sunday, and be sure to bring food for Doc (my dad). Deana (my sister) said people are supporting me because they think I won’t make it. We will see.”

3 thoughts on “SK5K

  1. Details? I expect to be in the area. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a sanctioned running event, unless you count that time the guy escaped my custody and I chased him for about half a mile before I lost sight of him. I don’t think he was actually in shackles, but he was definitely handcuffed. I wonder if they could let some guys from the jail participate just for fun.

  2. I was under the impression that the 5k was in support of breast cancer awareness. Brinton, your story cracks me up. Why don’t you do the run with Kevin?

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