What’s next?

Each summer, I try to pick a new TV show or two to watch on DVD. This can be a series that’s already completed its run or a current series that I can catch up on and then watch new episodes in the fall.

With Lost officially over (and the Season 6 DVDs not due until later this year), I’m anxious to find something new to settle in with over the next few weeks (and, if good, perhaps over the next few seasons/years).

Last summer, I watched The Wire, HBO’s masterful crime/drug drama. The acting, writing, direction, musical choices and casting made this one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, so anything I pick this summer has to face a high bar.

Fortunately, I’m already watching something that fits the bill. Last night, I started on the first season of Fringe, which is somewhat of a cheat since I’ve already seen Season 2. When the show first aired in September 2008, the premise intrigued me, but two things caused me to sit it out: 1) I didn’t think the concept (an X-Files-like show about supernatural mysteries) would last beyond a handful of episodes; and 2) I completely forgot to set my DVR to record the debut.

By the time the second season rolled around, I’d heard enough about it to get fully on board to watch, and the show did a fantastic job catching viewers up on many of the high points of the first season. I becamed hooked almost immediately, and by the time the series ended, it worked its way into my top 5 current shows. (The other shows, if you care, are Lost, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation and a rotating list that includes Friday Night Lights and Men of a Certain Age).

I’m now asking you to do two things for me. First, I want you to try out some of my favorite shows to see what you think and maybe we’ll all be able to connect Lost-style (although it certainly won’t approach that level of fanaticism) and be able to discuss it. Here’s what I suggest you try out this summer: Fringe, Modern Family (funniest sitcom since Arrested Development), Parks and Recreation (quietly became NBC’s best comedy), Cougar Town (horrible pilot with a horrible name soon evolved into a sharp ensemble) and 30 for 30 (ESPN’s documentary series that could very well be some of the best television I’ve ever seen). Men of a Certain Age currently isn’t re-running on TNT, but if you can find episodes online, I strongly suggest you watch. It’s a great blend of humor and drama with some unexpectedly great acting.

My other request is for you to offer suggestions to me: what shows can I watch once I’m finished with the first season of Fringe? I’m considering watching Breaking Bad, and there’s also a possibility of rewatching all of The Sopranos.

Let me know what series you think I should add to my list and maybe include some spoiler-free reasons to watch. Without yoru help, I might be forced to watch something like Two and a Half Men.

Actually, that could never happen, but I hope you understand the threat. Thanks for your help, on this. Now, let’s get watching.

7 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. With the end of Lost, Breaking Bad is my favorite show now. When Bryan Cranston was winning best actor emmys for his work here, I couldn’t understand why. If you watch just a couple of random episodes, you’ll see why. He deserved them.
    Also, “Hung” is pretty good. Like Breaking Bad, it’s much more about the depths a man will sink to to provide for his family that what it might seem like on the surface. Thomas Jane shows unknown depth in Hung.
    And of course, if you really wanna geek out, check out Batman: The Brave and The Bold. It has a really cool Silver Age of Comics vibe to it.
    You might be tempted to check out The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. Avoid at all costs. It’s one of the most unfunny, pointless exercises I’ve ever seen.

  2. Definitely Breaking Bad. The current season has been especially excellent. Brilliant, clever dialogue, and the two main characters are very compelling. I’m guessing this season won’t be on DVD for a while. Also, the jury’s still out, but we’ve seen almost all of the first season of Big Love. Very well done, but maybe a bit too girly-drama-ish for me (or you), and the polygamy premise is downright wacky. Still, we keep watching.

  3. Bored to Death is a little known HBO Sunday night masterpiece starring Jason Schwartzman and Ted Danson that I highly recommend! I’m not sure if it’s on dvd though. I also started my love affair with Lost by renting Season 1 on dvd. =) Oh, Eastbound and Down is a must watch! And True Blood is fun! Once you get past the bad southern accents it’s kind of addictive…and perfect for hot summer nights! Oh, and since you mentioned Friday Night Lights, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWDgSh5tUyU

  4. My current on-air favorites are Modern Family and Cougar Town (or did they finish up last week?), and I still haven’t decided if I like Justified for the Kentucky connection or because it’s good. Probably the former.
    In June the second season of Hung and the third season of True Blood take off. They’re staples during their run. I also like Bored to Death and Hung, and I wonder if Eastbound and Down is being renewed. I got into the second (or was it third?) season of Sons of Anarchy on FX, but after the worst season-ending cliff-hanger I’d ever seen up until I watched the Lost recap, I was a little disappointed.
    Both Big Love and Mad Men are shows that I started watching, got bored with, and then came back to in a big way. Both of them get more and more intriguing. The season finales of each were extreme last year though, and one wonders if perhaps they’ve jumped the shark. Of course, after the end of season 3 on Weeds where the community of Agrestic burned to the ground, and they still managed to make it even more fun in the next season, who knows if such a thing as jumping the shark exists anymore?
    As you may know, I also make it a point to keep up with every iteration of Law and Order. We were a little saddened this past week because Law and Order has finally ended its run. That’s coming right on the heels of Vincent D’Onofrio leaving Criminal Intent. The L&O world is falling apart.
    I’m sure you already know that Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed.

  5. Oh and Flight of the Conchords! Just realized all my suggestions are pretty much comedies…maybe I should branch out!

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