FML does not make me LOL

I hate chat-based acronyms, the LOLs, the LMAOs (or its longer, dopier offshoot ROFLMAO).

Rarely, if ever, are they used honestly, because, really, who laughs out loud that often or actually gets on the floor and rolls around while laughing? Their overuse helps drive up the annoyance factor, and there are no signs of them stopping anytime soon.

One newish one, however, must be stopped immediately: FML.

For the fortunate uniformed, FML is short for “Fuck My Life.”

I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually deserved to use FML, mainly because most people who qualify for it aren’t spending their days on Facebook or Twitter. When I was in Haiti, for instance, not one child (even the ones who were clearly starving) offered up a single use of FML. Anne Frank didn’t write, “Dear Diary, yet another day hiding from the Nazis and trying to avoid being savagely murdered. FML.”

Perhaps I’ve just reached the Andy Rooney Category, but I’m afraid we’re turning into a nation of whiners more obsessed with complaining about our lives than we are with trying to do anything about it. It’s easier to post emo-rific status updates followed by FML than it is to actively question yourself with “What can I do to improve this situation?”

I know that each generation looks at the next with certain levels of distaste, just like my parents looked at grunge music and gangster rap in the mid-1990s, but this just seems a tad different. My generation might have been comprised of slackers who did nothing, but I fully believe that’s today’s youth who not only do nothing, they also then complain about how they’ve been so emotionally scarred by someone they may never be able to do anything again. Then, of course, they write about via social networking. If we are Generation X, then they’re Generation Ehh.

I guess this is the point where I shake my fist at the kids and their damned Internets, but I’m really not trying to be a cantankerous old man. What I’d like is for people, particularly those my age or older who have started embracing this FML ideology, to try to take a few moments and realize that maybe, just maybe, life isn’t quite as bad you might think. Yes, some bad things befall us from time to time, but that’s part of life (and for heaven’s sake, please stop treating Facebook like your own personal journal). Maybe we can all try some personal accountability at making ourselves happy. Maybe we can even reach out to others who might need a lift, actually using social networking to, you know, network. And maybe then, we’ll stop being quite so soft and spoiled, so weak and whiny and put FML away for good.

If not, well, then I guess we’re all effed.

14 thoughts on “FML does not make me LOL

  1. “”Anne Frank didn’t write, “Dear Diary, yet another day hiding from the Nazis and trying to avoid being savagely murdered. FML.”””
    Sorry..I had to. And I really did! =)

  2. I did too. As a matter of when I got to that point I stopped reading and scrolled down to essentially leave the comment that Ann Kennedy had already left.
    Sometimes I’ll start to write “LOL,” when I really have laughed out loud, and I’ll feel ashamed, because I know the person I’m sending it to will never believe me. As for ROFLMAO, I’ve really done that too (not literally off), but who could text or write at such a time? That’s just foolishness.
    As for these FML people, I haven’t seen this, or if I did I dismissed it as something I didn’t understand and therefore something that could not be important. I think if I ever caught my kids sending that to someone, I would, in the words of many a past generation, give them something to cry about.

  3. Amen. I heard an interesting statistic during the senior breakfast this morning. The guest speaker said that you have less than a 2 in one thousand chance of being born in the United States. We’ve all beat the odds just by being born in the greatest country in the world. Ever thought about that? It’s pretty profound. Maybe we should all start a new acronym – BLM or “Bless My Life.”

  4. So no one’s allowed to complain unless they’re hiding in an attic or starving near the equator? Should we all begin quipping witty status updates that have nothing to do with our actual lives and then never respond to the comments?

    • The problem with the “emo” generation is that when so many kids are going around talking like they might kill themselves, it makes it pretty tough to figure out which ones really need help.
      As for complaining, I find it alarming that we’re becoming a society who has forgotten how to keep a stiff upper lip. As soon as something goes wrong, our inclination is to blog, twitter, or status update about how much it sucks. In doing so we seek more than just the empathy of our peers, we seek affirmation. We seek affirmation that our failures are acceptable. Eventually failure and ready acceptance of it will become the social norm.

  5. LOL @ this. Generation Ehh…classic. BTW, I think u r cantakerous. Consistantly contakerous. But, that’s y ILU.

    LOL. You know you just left yourself open for it.

  6. ROFLMAO. Another collateral consequence is that the generation as a collective whole cannot spell simple words like consistently or sound out new words like cantankerous even with spell check functions on just about everything. Ehh et tu Jennifer.

    • Those were typos put there on purpose. He knows why, but thanks for the editing.

      BTW, I’m older than both of you, so that leaves me out of the Ehh..generation.

  7. BML ~ What I really can’t stand are the 15 year olds who speak in acronym.

    “OMG! Please don’t LOL in front of my BFF or he will tell my GF who will think I’m a looser.”

    Really? My snorting out loud in public will make you look bad? That’s when I offer then a free ticket for time travel; because if they can’t speak in complete sentence then I’ll send them into next week.

    On another note: I have quite literally fallen out of my chair, (flipping backwards) from LOL so hard. There was a picture of it on FB in my “stupid work stuff” album ~ which my boss asked me to delete. I deleted him just after I deleted the album.

    Carrie ~ that’s exactly what I do on FB. Those who know me love the humor… those who don’t can get off of my page 🙂

    BML ~ BYL

  8. Sorry but your complaining how people put it as their status when something bothers them. Your being hypocritical here, if not even worse. Your arent putting this as your status, no your doing a whole blog of it, even worse then what all those kids are doing. Your saying that all this networking is being miss-used, well I guess you just joined the group.
    Thumbs up

    • I’m afraid you’ve missed the point. (I’m also afraid you never learned the difference between “your” and “you’re,” but that’s for another day). If people want to complain, that’s fine, but let’s not overstate things. The whole “FML” philosophy is overdone, particularly when it comes down to people saying “I spilled coffee on my new shoes. FML.” I hardly think that constitutes the effing of one’s life.

      Oh, and in case that day never comes, “your” is the possesive form of “you,” while “you’re” is the contraction of “you” and “are.”

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