HBO’s Death becomes him

I vaguely recalled a review of Bored to Death in Entertainment Weekly, thinking this HBO show sounded interesting but not enough so to make me interested in rushing out to watch it.

Now, though, since summer is here and my favorite shows are either in reruns (or, in the case of Lost and 24, gone forever), I’m turning my attention to shows that escaped me on their first run. As I’ve previously written, I’m currently watching the first season of Fringe and recently finished the first season of Breaking Bad, both of which get high recommendations from me.

This weekend, I started (and finished, which was easy since the entire season is only eight 30-minute episodes) Bored to Death, primarily at the suggestion of two friends. The premise is fairly straightforward: a writer struggling with his second novel decides to become a private detective (unlicensed, of course, because this helps legally, he claims) after his girlfriend breaks up with him.

The writer, played by Jason Schwartzman, interacts with his best friend, a comic book artist played by Zach Galifanakis, and his boss, the always great Ted Danson. The PI’s cases generally fall under the missing person category, although Schwartzman’s character also helps track down a stolen skateboard.

The show is, essentially, a comedy, but it also takes a nice look at male friendships and male-female relationships, along with giving a bit of a poke at the media/publishing world. Bored to Death consistently made me laugh, and it’s now made me two-for-two on my summer show selections.

Now, on to Party Down and the second season of Breaking Bad.


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