Appetite for Crustacean

Today is a national holiday, at least to a hungry group of Powell Countians.

Today, my friends, is Shrimp Fest.

For the uninitiated, Shrimp Fest is what we call Red Lobster’s annual “Endless Shrimp,” and since our name combines our love of overeating with our love of Arrested Development, it stuck.

Two years ago, we met one blustery fall evening for Shrimp Fest, and we put a good amount of the seafood away. We made plans to meet every year, and in 2009, we held true to our promise. As we were eating, Shane Carpenter mentioned that the weather seemed very similar to the previous year’s Shrimp Fest weather, prompting us to wonder what day we actually ate.

Thanks to my meticulous accounting (actually, it’s just balance a checkbook, a concept none of the rest of my friends seem to be familiar with), I located the date of Shrimp Fest 2008. In a bizarre twist of fortune, Shrimp Fest 2009 also fell on the exact same date, and like that, a holiday was created. From that point on, Oct. 7 has been, and will always be, dubbed Shrimp Fest Day.

There will be no fewer than seven of us gathering for Shrimp Fest 2010, and I feel like we should give our server some advance notice: “Look, we mean business. We have planned on this, literally and legitimately, for a year. Exactly one year. I know there are ‘rules’ about how many shrimps you can bring out at a time, but it will save you a lot of trouble if you can bring as many as possible with each trip. We will, of course, handsomely reimburse you with the tip.”

So, tonight we gather at Red Lobster, armed with our appetites. Shrimp, may ye rest in peace … in our bellies. I’m sure the scene will be like this:

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