Politics can bring out the idiot in most everyone

Like millions of Americans today, I voted.

Like millions of Americans today, I’m tired of the 2010 election.

In Kentucky, particularly in Central Kentucky, specifically in Georgetown, things got nastier than ever before, as candidates both national, state and local slung mud with the enthusiasm and accuracy of feces-slinging monkeys.

And now, the aforementioned feces has hit the fan.

So far in 2010, we’ve witnessed Jack Conway attack Rand Paul’s religion (giving us the infamous Aqua Buddha), while Paul attacked Conway for being a supposed Obama lapdog (frankly, I’m highly doubtful the president is more than vaguely aware of Kentucky’s Conway). We’ve seen Andy Barr and Ben Chandler jaw back and forth over this and that, and honestly, I’ve not seen much of anything about what either will actually do for the region if elected or re-elected.

Then there’s Georgetown, where the once sleepy little town outside of Lexington saw the bad blood from 2006 (and before) spill over to 2010 (and likely beyond). Incumbent Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames is taking on Everette Varney, who served as mayor for eight years before losing to Tingle-Sames in 2006 by about 80 votes. The battle is equivalent to Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant circa 1987, only with less civility and more villains.

We’ve seen Tingle-Sames’ camp accuse Varney of having Alzheimer’s, a claim Varney’s camp refuted by saying “You can take a pill for senility. You can’t cure stupid.” My suggested line for Varney: “Yeah, I am forgetful. Like the rest of Georgetown, I’m trying my best to forget the last four years.”

Varney, after dominating the May Primary, has gone into hush mode, avoiding any public debates with Tingle-Sames. He knows he has a lead and the best way to ruin it is to open his mouth. Tingle-Sames gets under his skin. He knows, she knows and we know it. Avoiding her, though, isn’t much of a good thing from a would-be leader. Instead of ducking her, he would have been better off by practicing for the debates and coming out swinging. Instead, by doing this political rope-a-dope, he’s the one who comes off as the dope.

Making things worse (here, there, everywhere) is the emergence of the Tea Party, a group that thinks it is building the Republican Party for the future but in reality is only splintering it. Despite some likely victories for the Tea Party today, Democrats have no real reason to fear the movement as a long-term threat. The GOP is dividing and conquering itself, and it makes me wonder how long it will take those who want Obama ousted in 2012 to realize that all they’re doing is bolstering his re-election bid. A strong Republican could give Obama a challenge in two years, but the president will easily defeat a GOP candidate AND a Tea Party person.

Of course, you don’t dare suggest that to the Tea Party people. If you even think about speaking ill of the Tea Party (or the anyone listed as a Republican, for that matter), they come out swinging, calling you names and suggesting that you have no real conservative blood in you.

This has been witnessed repeatedly by a local Facebook page called “Georgetown Politics Uncensored.” This page supposedly began as a way to learn more about the issues and candidates in this election, but it has (no surprise here) turned into a forum 5-year-olds would consider childish. The overriding theme seems to be “If you don’t like my party, you’re an idiot.” Please note that this doesn’t say “my candidate.” No, that’s far too reasonable for this group. Instead, it’s all or nothing, as if to say that Republicans and Democrats can in no way actually work together and get along.

The page is becoming dominated by a small (and I mean 2-3) group of Republicans who act as if they speak for the all Georgetown Republicans (I say Georgetown because it’s worth noting they don’t live in the city limits despite being totally involved in the mayoral race and have no vote). Trust me, they do not speak for all Republicans. At least they don’t speak for the rational, reasonable, sane ones (yes, we do exist).

Lately, they’ve grown overly fond of dismissing any Republican who says anything remotely positive about a Democrat, calling these people RINOs, short for Republicans In Name Only. Of course, they fail to actually use the correct term, calling them RHINOs, despite repeated attempts by some to point out the error.

To them (and to anyone else) who wants to label me (or anyone else) a RINO (or RHINO), I offer this: Rhinoceroses have been around a long time and are actually pretty close to being dinosaurs on earth. They have thick skins and are not to be trifled with. So, keeping this in mind, please shut your elephant asses up.

So, elephants, donkeys, RINOS, RHINOS, winos and albinos (and if he were still alive, Capt. Lou Albano), just for today, do everyone a favor and shut up. Just stop it. Go vote, go home. That’s it. Stop the fighting. Stop the bickering.

Then starting tomorrow, try actually working toward solutions.

8 thoughts on “Politics can bring out the idiot in most everyone

  1. Do you think the attack ads were so blatantly over the top both to get their message across, but also to disgust rational person with the entire process? After all, if only the rabid aren’t too disgusted to vote, they’ve already won. I’ve heard many otherwise rational people say, “I’m just so tired of the attack ads and the name-calling that I may just not vote at all.”

  2. I kept thinking….so my brother is serving on a ship thousands of miles away so that I can have the freedom to vote for one of these two guys…..really?

  3. And yet another reason we’re friends. Words out of my mouth, (except for the dope part, and elephant asses). The self proclaimed King of the local Republican party will soon be dethroned and all will be right with the universe again.

  4. Amen brother. Being an Independent with a heavy lean to the right and the left, if that makes sense…I found being a Georgetown resident the past two years to be exhausting… politically.
    This is the first year I ever really dug in and tried to participate in discussions and turning over the rocks to see the underbelly of political talky talk. Yikes, it can get ugly. Some people, are grown ups, even some that actually respect a disagreement, can discuss and move on without working themselves up into a lather, but there are others that not only feel they speak for the county but for the entire Republican, Democrat and Tea party as a whole. As if the Mayoral race calls or partisan politics anyway…I am ready to see where we go…as a city and as a county. I quit that uncensored site, I just call that type of behavior Kindergarten Politics…”My daddy can beat up your Daddy” doesn’t impress me much. Nice to stop by here, I’ll be back. Feel free to visit me. 🙂

  5. Of the literally dozens of things I could touch on here, there’s one point that I really want to address, one where you hit the nail right on the head. You can not speak ill of any aspect of the Tea Party without incurring the wrath of a member. Not of their platform (whatever that is), not of their candidates (no matter how crazy) and not of any of the actions perpetrated by a candidate/member.

    I’m a pretty moderate person. A left-leaning independent, registered Democrat. The “D” next to my name has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on my vote, but as long as we have to belong to a party, I’ll pick the one more closely in line with my beliefs. Having said that, there is never an election or even a news cycle where you’ll find me defending other people for sharing that magical consonant. I have no idea what Jack Conway wanted to do for our country, he never told me, he just behaved like a child for two campaigns and made me dread voting for him… a vote he most assuredly would not have received had his opponent not been completely in opposition to every single belief I hold.

    It’s that kind of blindness that will ultimately doom the Tea Party for the future, and could paralyze the Republicans in 2012. The economy is bouncing back slowly, things are going in the right direction. By the time we reach the next election cycle, things will be improving. When you base an entire political dogma around fear, anger and Revelation-style end times political discourse, you’re going to wither and die when those proclamations of doom don’t pan out. In fact, the Obama presidency, at this point, is nearly a carbon copy of the Reagan’s first term… and we know how that turned out for the Democrats.

    Between an almost religious allegiance to what they believe to be in the constitution (most of which is completely false) and a bitter intolerance for any outside opinions, the Teapeople will be a forgotten movement ten years from now. The right-wing version of the Lyndon LaRouche movement.

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