Four movies in one day? That’s sooooooo 2010

I don’t like lists of New Year’s resolutions. They’re inevitably the same thing across the board for everyone, with a few minor alterations to make them, as possible, slightly more personal. The lists are familiar: lose weight, become a better person, donate more time/money to charity, blah blah blah.

Those lists are fine, but really, those aren’t things we should make ourselves do just because new calendars go up on our walls. I try (and often fail) to lose weight, become a better person and donate time/money to charity. I am, however, quite good at the blah blah blah.

Last year, I decided to make a list of fun (at least to me) things to do in 2010. The list included:
• Finish Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series (I had read two of the seven prior to this year)
• Watch four movies in a theatre in one day (my previous record was three, done at least two different times)
Run a 5K

So, for 2010, I was three-for-three, even adding a few others in as the year progressed, including singing karaoke (not as a featured performer, mind you, but as a background singer; either way it still counts) and eating a one-pound hamburger.

Mmmmmm … burger.
I honestly can’t remember if “bench press 275 pounds) was on that list, but if it was I failed that one.

I’m trying to think of my official Things to Do in 2011 list, and I’m going to solicit a few ideas before making a formal announcement. So far, ideas include:
• Watching the “Twilight” movies (I’d do it to make fun of them)
• Read Great Expectations
• Complete the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing Wings Challenge
• Eat another one-pound burger (I really just want to enjoy that burger again)
• Watch the entire Battlestar Galactica series
• Write (and finish) 80-100-page story
• Write and record an album (or, at the very least, a 5-7-song EP)

Please leave some good suggestions in the comments section, and I’ll follow up later with my selections.

6 thoughts on “Four movies in one day? That’s sooooooo 2010

  1. Your personal Blockbuster has the entire Twilight series that have been released on DVD-you may borrow them Jan. 1 to begin your quest. 🙂

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