DVDs for sale and you know you want them

I have, over the course of the last decade, collected a number of DVDs of movies and TV shows. While in the process of reorganizing a room, I have also decided to trim down this collection (mainly because I really, REALLY hate moving things).

So, I’m now placing a few of my movies on the market for $5 (except where noted). Please message me if you’re interested in purchasing any of the following titles:

Family Guy Vol. 1-5 (Seasons 1-6) ($8 each)
Family Guy: Stewie Griffin, The Untold Story
The X-Files (Seasons 1-2) ($8 each)
Boomtown (Season 1) $8
Heroes (Season 1) $8
Lost Season 3 $8
Thumb Wars
Spy Kids 1-3
The Ruins
Batman Begins
The Matrix
The Darjeeling Limited
Bottle Rocket
There Will Be Blood
Boogie Nights
The Ice Storm
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Finding Neverland
American Beauty
Simon Birch
Shadow of the Vampire
The Last Kiss
28 Days Later
When Harry Met Sally
Dawn of the Dead
Freddy vs. Jason
The Departed
The Godfather trilogy ($20)
Death Proof
Planet Terror


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