Lent 2011: There Will Be Beard (OK, that’s not true; I just wanted to say that)

I’m clearly not giving up being lazy for Lent.

Last night, as the pressure from friends to celebrate Fat Tuesday became too great to bear (and I should note that the pressure I received was mainly in the form of watching co-workers eat delicious Cajun food for lunch), I caved. Instead of going out to take part in any sort of festivities, though, I ordered some carry-out (wicked spicy jambalaya from Fava’s) and barely left the couch.

Lazy, yes, but not the full-on lazy from that first sentence.

Instead, I’m referring more to my reluctance to put much thought into what I’m giving up for Lent this year. Oh, the usual “give up sweets/desserts” comes to mind (and will be adopted), but I can’t think of anything else. In the past, I’ve done such things as grow a Lent beard (and this post also details more of my thoughts on Lent), but nothing immediately came to mind this year.

So, I think for 2011, I’m going to give up two things (sweets/desserts and red meat) while also putting more attention on doing good things. I’ve wrestled with this before, and I’ve realized that being nicer to people (even being kinder to annoying co-workers), is difficult but often worth it.

I realize this will be a bit of a challenge, though, particularly when you realize I have to deal with the following people: customer service reps, my sister, cat-lovers and reporters. My patience will be tried; I pray for strength.

In the end, though, I’m sure I can do it. At least, I can be nicer. I’m still not sure about avoiding red meat. My soul’s eternal fate could rest on the temptation of a nice cut of beef.


One thought on “Lent 2011: There Will Be Beard (OK, that’s not true; I just wanted to say that)

  1. So, let me get this right, if you give up something for Lent, and then you falter, it’s a cardinal sin? In that case, I’m giving up Zumba.

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