2012 Republican presidential field: Less than meets the eye

Ronald Regan’s historic landslide victory in the 1984 election might not fully be in jeopardy, but unless the 2012 Republican field shapes up soon, that 49-states-to-1 sweep could be challenged.

Ultimately, President Barack Obama has a few hurdles to overcome — particularly this country’s economic crisis and the future of health care – but people seem less interested in talking about the big issues and prefer to focus on things of the past – namely the fact that he’s black (half true) and Kenyan (not true).

Those issues (and non-issues) alone all but assure Obama won’t match Reagan’s Electoral College beatdown on Walter Mondale (525-13). At this point, though, I don’t see anyone offering any sort of major challenge to Obama in the General Election.

Let’s look at the top Republican candidates, listed in their current order of support in a recent CNN poll:

Donald Trump: Crazy; financially irresponsible; morally reprehensible; non-Presidential hair.

Mike Huckabee: Social views are outdated, to say the least; seems to dislike modern women; probably liked sports better before integration.

Sarah Palin: Crazy narcissist? You betcha (wink).

Mitt Romney: When the man who as an adult chose to become a Mormon is, by far, the sanest one of the bunch, there are major problems.

Newt Gingrich: Yeah, the whole “I divorced my cancer-stricken wife while she was dying in the hospital, yet I espouse ‘family values’ and abhor gay marriage” just doesn’t seem to add up; keep in mind, in 1996, Fun Loving Criminals’ “Scooby Snacks” was also popular.

Michelle Bachmann: Crazy enough to make Sarah Palin look like an Alaskan Aristotle.

Save for Romney, who is the only one who seems remotely “presidential,” this is not an impressive bunch. The 2012 Republican candidate field is the equivalent of Go-Bots – they’re trying to be cool like Transformers, but they’re just cheap and generic and you feel kind of bad for the people who own them.



There’s plenty of time for the Republicans to find a decent candidate to pit against Obama. After all, as the old saying goes, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Unfortunately for the GOP, those Kenyans sure do well in marathons.

4 thoughts on “2012 Republican presidential field: Less than meets the eye

  1. The Republicans have painted themselves into a corner. It’s impossible to appear legitimate when the party behind you has taken on a decidedly destructivist slant in the last several years. The talking points are not about building something great, but about tearing something down. While fear-mongering helps to remove legislators from office, by making the election about abstractions and thus forcing each individual election into abstraction, a presidential race is always going to be about one guy verses one guy, and for that you need a candidate who is about building something, not just tearing things down. It’ll be very difficult to find a constructivist candidate the Republicans can live with who can legitimately challenge President Obama.

    To use a baseball analogy, it’s like trying to pick your pitcher out of the top sluggers in the league.

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