Thinking back to Haiti

Two years ago this morning, I woke up in Haiti with only five familiar faces there to guide me. I left on the mission trip hoping to not only help the people of the village but to also gain a better handle on myself, all in the name of Trying to Be a Better Person.

(For more on the trip, visit Secret Haitian Man).

So, did it work?

To a degree, yes, but like with most people, I’m still a work in progress. I can still be moody and irritable. I can still both obsess over the small things and forget the little details. I complain about trivial matters, and I can lose my patience.

But I also still see things with the perspective I brought back from the visit. I’ve tried to be friendlier to the environment. I’ve tried to not be nearly as wasteful, with food, electricity, anything. I’ve learned to appreciate America, even when people seem to try to showcase the worst we have to offer. I try to go to church more often (and listen, which is really the key to going) to embrace that sense of family that Faith Baptist has fostered. I still view my family differently, from having seen my sister, brother-in-law and nephews in action in Haiti to feeling the support from my parents, grandparents, uncle and others who stayed behind.

This week, I’m going to spend some of my evenings reading back through my Haiti experience, reflecting on my emotions at the time and how I can continue using them to grow today. I appreciated the support many of you gave at the time and the encouragement you continue to provide.

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