Thanks, Ron

My mom wrote and read a small piece for our cousin Ron Raybould’s funeral held earlier this morning. When she sent it to me to read on Friday, she asked me if I liked it, if it was OK.

It’s perfect.

Thanks Ron.

Ron and I had a special relationship. Before I really knew Ron personally, he showed up at the hospital when I had a brain aneurysm and would sit with the family all night. You know Ron — he was a night owl and he would keep vigil with whomever was spending the night with me. This started our relationship, not only with me but with my entire family. My mom would tell me later, He was a Godsend, he was an angel. Thanks, Ron.

Years following, he and I would talk and talk and talk about some personal family situations. He would tell me, “Rose, I get on my knees and pray for you, Doc, Deana and Kevin and the boys every day.”

I was the one going to church every Sunday and singing in the choir and doing this or that, but on my knees praying for family and friends every day, I didn’t have time for that. I was trying to fix things. Again Ron was an angel, God sent. Today, my family is very grateful for the prayers and advice given by Ron, and hopefully we can learn something. Spend time on our knees for someone you love. He has left a footprint on my family for generations to come. Thanks, Ron

Ted, I think you may have planned this service at the wrong time for Ron. He would always say, “I think everyone should be up at the crack of noon.” We started an hour too early. Sorry, Ron.

He was special to me, and I know he was special to you because you got up before the crack of noon to tell him goodbye.

The last time I talked to Ron was this past Monday. We went in and he said he was just resting. I told him it was OK because it was before the crack of noon. He smiled. He asked about my boys, as always. I smiled. I told him I had been on the 127 yard sale and bought two Beatles albums for $40. Was that a good deal? He said, “Good deal.” I told him I would sell them to him for $80. He gave me a big smile, as always. He owes me $80.

We gave him a kiss and told him we would see him later. So today, I say, “Ron, I will see you later.”

Thanks, Ron

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Ron

  1. Dear Rose and Doc, it’s Sunday evening and I know we are all sitting around missing Ron very much, still crying and finding it still hard to believe he is no longer with us. Let us all find comfort now in each other, the friends and his family who loved him very much. Sincerely, Susan Sisler

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