Rose Lynn Walks (a blog to the tune of Jesus Walks, of course)

My mom has started walking every morning. I think it’s helping her sense of humor as much as it is her health.

Mom usually sends me a text from the track, letting me know she’s walking. My sister Deana and I have long encouraged Mom to start exercising to help her avoid some medical issues when she gets older. Mom is young(ish) and in good(ish) shape, so starting a routine now would likely pay major benefits down the road.


This morning, her text let me know she was walking with a special companion: my sister’s family’s miniature dachshund Doodlebug. Despite having tiny legs and being kind of fat, Doodle is a great walker, having joined Mom on the Powell County Kiwanis Club’s 5K back in May.


Really, this was just an excuse to show Doodle in a Santa hat.

After this morning’s walk, she sent me an email, leading to this exchange:

Me: “I hope you and Doodle had a nice time.”

Mom: “It was nice but hard sharing the iPod with him. I hurt my back doing that, and he walks faster than I do.”

Me: “What music did he enjoy?”

Mom: “He loves Elvis.”

Me: “Does he think he’s a hound dog?”

Mom: “He likes Snoop Dogg, also.”

Me: “I’m laughing, but I’m also puzzled about how my mom knows about Snoop Dogg.”

Mom: “Deana told me to say that. I don’t know Snoop Dogg and probably don’t want to know Snoop Dogg.”

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