Converse and caviar: A fancy name for a simple shoe

I’m equally clueless when it comes to colors and fancy foods.

This proved to be a fashion problem last week when I purchased a pair of slip-on Chuck Taylors that looked navy indoors but appeared black when outside. The label proved to be of no use since the listed color was “caviar,” a food product that isn’t typically served at the gatherings I attend.

The shoe, inside (although it looks more black here)

The shoe, outside (and now it appears more blue)

I decided to investigate and started with the top, emailing Converse to find out more about this mysterious color. This is what I sent:

I recently purchased a pair of slip-on Chucks labeled as being the color “caviar.” Seeing as how actual caviar is a food product and not a standard color, I have no idea what color these shoes are actually supposed to be. Labeling a product as “caviar” isn’t clear at all. The food-as-a-color thing should really only exist for oranges, mainly because that’s been an accepted food/color combo for a number of years.

It’s also worth noting that caviar (the food product) can be more than one color, including the aforementioned orange (the color, not the fruit), thus making it even more puzzling.

So, Converse Help Desk, I ask you this: what color are my “caviar” shoes? Please try to provide an answer that works in terms of standard colors, such as “black” or “navy.”

Your help is much appreciated.

I received no response, which while not completely shocking was totally unacceptable. I called the company’s toll-free number, at which point I spoke with Dominique, a friendly lady who had a little chuckle when I posed my question: what color, exactly, is caviar?

She asked if I had the SKU number for the shoe I had purchased. I did not.

“I don’t see any online,” she told me. “But I think it’s a dark brown with some green.”

“It’s definitely not dark brown,” I said.

I did a quick Google search for “Converse” and “caviar,” found a random shoe on the site, gave her the SKU and waited for what I hoped would be the definitive answer to this Great Mystery of Life.

“It’s black blue,” Dominique said.

“I have no idea what that means either.”

“It’s the darkest blue you can get before it turns black.”

Now if I could just find a caviar belt.


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