Look what the shrimps dragged in

Oh, those poor shrimps.

Shrimp Fest 2011 arrived with a cocktail sauced-thud Friday (or, as always, Oct. 7) in Lexington, as we gathered for the fourth annual gorging of our shellfished friends at Red Lobster. The founding Shrimp Festers (Shane Carpenter, Cory Graham and me) were joined by rookies Chad Birch (an interesting companion since he only eats chicken wings or tenders, burgers and steaks), Brian McKinney, Dustin Stacy and Kyle Stacy.

(Note: Here are recaps of the last two Shrimp Fests: 2009 and 2010).

The final tallies (or, I guess “tailies,” based on the piles of discarded shrimp tails) were:

Chad: 0 (Chad ordered the triple appetizer combo with chicken tenders, chicken tenders and more chicken tenders)
Dustin: 50
Kyle: 60
Brian: 76
Shane: 101
Cory: 102
Kevin: 108

By the time we approached 100, Shane offered to stop with me at an even triple figures, and we had a gentleman’s agreement. Shane, however, is no gentleman, so he ate an extra shrimp, thus pushing his total to 101. I opted to sacrifice both my friendship and waistline by ordering another round, which allowed me to push past him for the 2011 title. Cory also decided to keep on shrimping to really stick it to Shane, who ended the night in a sad third place.

And with that, Shrimp Fest 2011 ends. We’ll see you on Oct. 7, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Look what the shrimps dragged in

  1. The names of each year’s competition are almost as fun as the recaps. Too bad there was no re-match between you and Teddy Ray. How about next year’s can be named “Endive the Shrimp Scampi“? Take the contest home and make it a timed tournament!

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