The razor’s edge: Time to get ready for No Shave November

It’s almost time to put away the razors until Dec. 1.

What has now become an annual tradition, No Shave November, is upon us.

For the past two years, I have grown a beard during the month as part of a national movement to raise awareness for men’s cancers, including prostate cancer. Essentially, what women have with pink ribbons and breast cancer in October, men have with beards and moustaches in November.

Not nearly as much attention is paid to the men’s cancers (let’s face it, boobs are cooler than buttholes), so this year, I hope more men (and their loved ones) get involved with No Shave November (or for those wishing to grow only a moustache, Movember). Trust me: no beard is too ridiculous to take part.

It’s a fun and easy way to raise awareness for the month (remember, if anyone asks about the beard, remind them that all men over 40 need annual prostrate examinations and all men with testicles should do regular tests for lumps).

I’m on board with the beard. Who’ll be joining me?

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