Dear Powell County: Congratulations, and thank you!

Listening to WSKV for the latest Election Night results.

One week ago today (almost this exact instant), Powell County voters gave an overwhelming message: we believe in James Anderson as the best leader for our future.

I couldn’t agree more (see this post for details).

To all those who helped James’ campaign, we remind you that we can’t stop now. In fact, now is where it starts to get hard. Gone are the days of promises. Now we face days of action.

Stay involved. Write letters. Make calls. Attend meetings. Share on Facebook. Start blogs. Basically, do whatever you can do to be an active part of Powell County’s future by giving James advice, input, help and criticism.

He didn’t get here alone, and he won’t stay there alone.

Thanks for your help, then, now and from here on out.

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