2011 Skullz Fantasy Football: Back to back to back, or How I Dominated Again

I’ll keep it simple.

In case you aren’t aware, I run the Georgetown Jedis. This, of course, means I have now won three consecutive titles and four in five years in this league (I give a special shout-out to my friend DK, who I often text for lineup advice, only to go with my initial instinct despite his answers). I wrote about our league on draft day (check it out here), and it’s worth noting that in the comments section, two different people thought Cats Love Michael Vick would finish second. The prognosticators were spot-on there, as that team, owned by one Cory Graham, placed second (Speaking of Cory, he got a cool consolation prize: a mention in Matthew Berry’s fantasy football column on ESPN’s website. Go here and scroll down to “Honorable mentions” under running backs).

Shane Carpenter’s squad, the Mighty Coulters, finished last. Again.

Oh, and for those who care about this sort of thing, my final lineup looked like this:
Aaron Rodgers
Adrian Peterson
Frank Gore
Steve Johnson
Calvin Johnson
Victor Cruz
Jason Witten
San Francisco D/ST
John Kasay

My bench was: Andre Johnson, Ahmad Bradshaw, Chicago D/ST, Matt Forte, Eli Manning and Toby Gerhart.

The two primary waiver wire moves I made were picking up Cruz and the 49ers D/ST, both of which (whom?) came up huge down the stretch.

So, another year of fantasy football ends, and while some of my friends have moved on to an NBA league, I’ll just wait for the real league to begin with our draft next August.

See ya, suckas.

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