Lowered Expectations: My Official List of Things to Do in 2012

UPDATED Jan. 17, 2012
I guess I need a better list.

The past few years, I have started January with a list of fun pop-culturey things to do in the following 12 months. The list can range from eating a one-pound hamburger to watching four movies in a theatre in one day (both of which I proudly accomplished).

Last year, though, saw the completion of only 60 percent of my list:
1. Watch all the episodes of Seinfeld, in order
2. Listen to all the Beatles albums
3. Watch the Twilight movies
4. Read Great Expectations (or A Tale of Two Cities)
5. Record an album

I successfully finished the first three (loving the Seinfeld and Beatles moments, not so much the sparkly vampires), but I came up short on the final two. I really have no excuses other than I read a bunch of other books in 2011 and have no real musical talent.

So there’s that.

I’m still working on it, but for now I have the following on my official Things to Do in 2012 List:

1. Listen to all the Pink Floyd albums
2. Rewatch the Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Godfather movies
3. OK, since writing an album didn’t work, I’m going to aim for writing and recording a song. One single song.
4. I’m still debating which food-type challenge to select.
5. Delete some numbers from my phone’s contact list.
6. Watch My So-Called Life
7. Watch the Dirty Harry movies

As always, your thoughts and suggestions are encouraged for the list. Leave your ideas in the comments section.

10 thoughts on “Lowered Expectations: My Official List of Things to Do in 2012

  1. I was pleased to see your number 4 from last year. I just started reading A Tale of Two Cities a few days ago, after discovering its free for the Kindle.

    As for your new list, I find the idea of listening to all the Pink Floyd albums rather exciting, especially in a series of long listening parties. I’m not sure you should listen to the last two at the very end, however, as they’re not representative of the band’s evolution. You might listen to them somewhere in the middle, sort of as a side note.

  2. I watched the Seinfeld episodes in order all the way through in 2010 and it was completely worth the endless hours of couch-potato-ing. (Yes, a verb).

    You should eat something spicy…in my humble opinion. I’m pretty pushy for my first visit to your blog. Nice, by the way.

    Good luck with your list.

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