5Ks are tough, but picking the proper music is tougher

Saturday morning, for the third consecutive year, I’ll be at Natural Bridge State Park to take part in the Powell County Kiwanis Club’s annual 5K. In general, 5Ks aren’t so tough (I say that like I’m an old pro at them, when, in fact, this is only my third one ever), but since this starts out at a miniature golf course then moves up a GIANT AND STEEP HILL to the Lodge, I can rightly say it is a bit rough.

To help me trick my mind into ignoring the searing pain in my legs and lungs, I play music, picking select albums (again, while I use the plural form “albums,” I’ve only run two of these things) to allow me to sing to myself (and, when I’m all but depleted of oxygen and getting borderline delirious, to others on the run).

First-place winner in my age group. And no, I wasn't the only person in it. There was another guy.

In 2010, my album choice was Born to Run, which allowed me to a) enjoy a general theme (it’s the word “run,” in case you have no reading comprehension skills whatsoever); b) dig some Bruce Springsteen; c) have musical cues to let me know my general pace. The choice was a success.

Last year, I picked Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, which proved to be an emotional tribute to someone very dear to me. Again, the choice was a success.

As I step closer to Saturday’s starting time, I still don’t have a clear idea as to my 2012 musical selection. Part of me wants to return to Springsteen, going with perhaps a repeat of Born to Run, or maybe dipping to Darkness on the Edge of Town. I could also put on some Wilco (I’m thinking Yankee Hotel Foxtrot or The Whole Love) or The Gaslight Anthem (The ’59 Sound).

So, readers, which should it be? Leave your vote (or other possible suggestions) in the comments section.

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