Three years ago today, I embarked on a trip that, cliche as it might sound, changed the way I live. For the next few days, I’ll be checking back in on my old blog “Secret Haitian Man” to relive those memories. I hope you’ll join me.

Secret Haitian Man

My day starts in Lexington, followed by stops in Charlotte, Miami and Port-au-Prince, the last three of which are new cities for me. Unfortunately, I won’t get to experience any of the local culture at any of the locales (other than perhaps a Ben & Jerry’s or maybe a KFC, neither of which qualifies as “local,” only as “delicious in an airport”), as I’ll only be spending time in an airport before being whisked away to another location.

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  1. After I found your other blog, I made my way here and read every Haitian Man memory. I must say I’m a bit disappointed that this email isn’t indicating another trip for you; I hoped to read this one in “live time.” Nonetheless, they are worth reading again. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience!

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