Donuts and more misheard song lyrics

Homer Simpson is no doubt very happy today.

It is, after all, National Donut Day.

In honor of the animated legend’s favorite snack, I once again share with you Kevin Hall and the Case of the Misheard Song Lyrics. Loyal readers will likely/possibly/maybe remember an earlier entry detailing my confusion over House of Pain’s mystifying boast about Madonna in “Jump Around” (go ahead and look at the blog; it has somehow become one of the most-read entries on here. I guess Madonna fans like searching the internet).

How does this relate to a donut (mmm … donut)?

When I was a child, probably around the age of 4, I would be puzzled over Crystal Gale’s claim that donuts made your brown eyes blue. Having brown (or brownish) eyes (and clearly not understanding the principles of genetics or pastries), I thought for certain that gorging myself on donuts would change my eye color. I no doubt entertained several relatives with my insistence on eating multiples donuts in hopes of a new shade, all while singing Gayle’s misheard lyrics.

I have since not only learned the proper lyrics (“Don’t it make your brown eyes blue), I also have learned to embrace my Hall/Reed eye color. Still, pass me another donut, just in case.

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