2012 fantasy football draft reaches new heights of nerdiness/awesomeness

Our fantasy football league, The Skullz, held its annual draft (which this year doubled as a “hey, let’s celebrate Cory’s baby while we’re at it” celebration) this past Saturday. As usual, the day featured a feast on pizza and chicken wings, but our new commissioner added a few new wrinkles. Tom Farmer dressed the part, complete with a sport coat and tie, and shook hands with each owner in the first round, providing them with a personalized team “T-shirt” while posing for pictures.

It was totally nerdy and totally amazing.

Another highlight came when we discovered that newcomer Anthony Gabbard arrived with an unusual draft kit.

The man was definitely prepared: markers, pens, cigarettes, hot chips, crackers, an energy shot and a chocolate bar.

So, now that the madness has settled, here’s a look at each team’s draft. Feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments section and make your predictions on which teams, based on the draft, should expect to be competing for the trophy. Note: the lineups reflect post-draft trades.

Team 1
QB Aaron Rodgers
RB Matt Forte
RB Adrian Peterson
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Larry Fitzgerald
TE Jason Witten
FLEX BenJarvus Green-Ellis
D/ST Bears D/ST
K Mason Crosby
BE Steve Johnson
BE Peyton Manning
BE Willis McGahee
BE Peyton Hillis
BE Tony Gonzalez
BE Randy Moss

Team 2
QB Michael Vick
RB Arian Foster
RB LeSean McCoy
WR Brandon Lloyd
WR Victor Cruz
TE Antonio Gates
FLEX Beanie Wells
D/ST Eagles D/ST
BE Donald Brown
BE Jared Cook
BE Andrew Luck
BE Isaiah Pead
BE Mike Wallace
BE Mark Ingram
BE Malcom Floyd

Team 3
QB Tom Brady
RB Jamaal Charles
RB Ahmad Bradshaw
WR Julio Jones
WR Dez Bryant
TE Fred Davis
FLEX Demaryius Thomas
D/ST Texans D/ST
BE Jahvid Best
BE Pierre Garcon
BE Justin Blackmon
BE Andy Dalton
BE Daniel Thomas
BE DeAngelo Williams
BE Kyle Rudolph

Team 4
QB Tony Romo
RB DeMarco Murray
RB Isaac Redman
WR A.J. Green
WR Greg Jennings
TE Jermichael Finley
FLEX Antonio Brown
D/ST 49ers D/ST
K David Akers
BE Dwayne Bowe
BE Matt Ryan
BE Jermaine Gresham
BE Torrey Smith
BE James Starks
BE Michael Bush

Team 5
QB Matthew Stafford
RB Ray Rice
RB Marshawn Lynch
WR Jordy Nelson
WR Andre Johnson
TE Vernon Davis
FLEX Hakeem Nicks
K Stephen Gostkowski
BE Darren Sproles
BE Frank Gore
BE DeSean Jackson
BE Roy Helu
BE Robert Meachem
BE Shonn Greene
BE Ben Roethlisberger

Team 6
QB Cam Newton
RB Trent Richardson
RB Steven Jackson
WR Steve Smith
WR Marques Colston
TE Rob Gronkowski
FLEX Aaron Hernandez
D/ST Packers D/ST
BE Michael Turner
BE Jeremy Maclin
BE Reggie Bush
BE Vincent Jackson
BE Philip Rivers
BE Brian Quick
BE Mohamed Sanu

Team 7
QB Eli Manning
RB Chris Johnson
RB Fred Jackson
WR Wes Welker
WR Percy Harvin
TE Jacob Tamme
FLEX Darren McFadden
D/ST Ravens D/ST
K Sebastian Janikowski
BE Miles Austin
BE Robert Griffin III
BE Jonathan Stewart
BE Jay Cutler
BE Reggie Wayne
BE C.J. Spiller

Team 8
QB Drew Brees
RB Ryan Mathews
RB Doug Martin
WR Roddy White
WR Brandon Marshall
TE Jimmy Graham
FLEX Maurice Jones-Drew
BE Eric Decker
BE Ben Tate
BE Stevan Ridley
BE LeGarrette Blount
BE Kenny Britt
BE Vincent Brown
BE Jon Baldwin
BE Coby Fleener

And, for whatever it’s worth, here are the team owners’ cumulative regular season records over the past four years (our first year isn’t available for some reason):

Kevin Hall: 38-14
Kyle Stacy: 37-15
Aaron Saylor: 30-22
Cory Graham: 27-25
Anthony Gabbard (and previous owners John Martin, Jared Dotson): 24-28
Sparky Fain (and previous owner Brinton Epperson): 19-23
Ryan Tipton (and previous owner The Drake): 17-35
Shane Carpenter: 16-36

2 thoughts on “2012 fantasy football draft reaches new heights of nerdiness/awesomeness

  1. A good wife always sends her man out into the world prepared. Plus i wasn’t sure if you would feed and water him roflmao.

  2. It was a blast! Thanks again guys for allowing me the opportunity.

    I’d also like to point out that Sparky, Ryan and myself required help from previous owners to end up with a losing record overall. Shane Carpenter managed to do it all by himself. 🙂

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