Nephew perfectly sums up magic of a Bruce Springsteen concert

Tomorrow night, I’ll be attending yet another Bruce Springsteen concert, this time in Louisville, as The Boss makes his first Kentucky stop in a decade. I’ll be somewhere on the floor, hopefully toward the front, and, at least on occasion, my thoughts will be with some of my family in the upper section. My mom will be attending her first-ever Springsteen show, accompanied by my sister and two youngest nephews.

Three years ago, my sister and brother-in-law took all three of their sons to a Springsteen show in Nashville, and while I’ve tried for years to explain to people how indescribable an experience a Bruce concert can be, I think my then-8-year-old nephew summed it up perfectly:

“Do you know someone with hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now?

Bruce Springsting and his band play rock and roll music.

While performing on stage his band is full of energy to give a great show. They have lots of fun while playing.

Even though they started an hour late, he sang for three hours strate!

I think he’s an awesome magitian.”

Beautiful and perfect.

I love that even an 8-year-old can be a bit put out with Springsteen’s tendency to be tardy, but even he recognized it didn’t matter once the show started.

Also, I’ve debated if “magitian” means “musician” or “magician.” Those of you who have seen Springsteen and the E Street band know it’s a bit of both.

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