Proudly presenting ‘Lost Change and Loose Cousins’

This is a blog that’s been a long time coming.

Pretty much all my life, actually. Or, at the very least, since I could write, and since that was at age 4, we’re looking at something almost 34 years in the making.

And now, thanks to the support and help from co-author Aaron Saylor, it’s here: Lost Change and Loose Cousins.
Lost Change and Loose Cousins VERSION 2 ALL PHOTO 06.17.13
Much love to the exceptionally talented Erica Chambers for the cover photographs.

To be fair, this book has been out for a little over a month now, but for various reasons I’ve delayed writing about it on here, but now that I’m no longer afraid of over-saturating the marker with updates, I’m again taking to social media to talk about the project. Would I like people to buy it? Of course. We’d also greatly appreciate you sharing it with people, spreading the word to a few friends, building up some support for the title, maybe getting into some local stores (people of Powell County: any suggestions on places to carry it would be appreciated).

For now, you can find it here: Lost Change and Loose Cousins at Amazon. I also have a few copies for sale (and can also, if requested, sign them for you), and I’ve placed a few on eBay, just mainly trying to reach as many spots as possible. If you need a copy, order away or talk to me. And if you get a copy, please leave a review on Amazon and Good Reads — this helps drum up interest from other people, particularly strangers. We’re looking for as many people as possible to sample it, from Arizona to Alaska, Washington State to Washington, D.C. So, you see, any place. Because we’re shameless like that.

For the uninitiated, Lost Change and Loose Cousins is a collection of short stories, essays and more designed to entertain and maybe provoke. Really, it’s just a great collection of stories (but then again, I’m pretty biased about it. So is Aaron). Faithful readers of Aaron’s first book, Sewerville (and if you haven’t read it yet, shame on you — it’s fantastic) will appreciate a brief return to that world.

Aaron and I have known each other since sixth grade, and we’ve worked together on several projects over the years, from radio shows to late-night basketball games, and this is our first foray into joint writing. Hopefully it won’t be our last. I know I have a few ideas floating around, and Aaron has 5-6 stories on his mind at once.

So, there’s that. I’m proud, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.


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