Turning 38: simple words can change an outlook

I woke up this morning, my 38th birthday, thinking about the things I miss, the things I want, the things I’ll never have again. Birthdays are, by their very nature, perhaps the most selfish of days, and I not only embraced the selfishness, I wallowed in it.

A text message from a friend changed that.

It directed me to look outside, to see if perhaps the birthday fairy had left a gift basket. Given the sometimes antagonistic nature of this particular friendship, I knew the bag had an equal chance of containing flaming poop as it did fantastic birthday goodies.

Fortunately, it contained the latter: a thoughtful card and a few assorted gifts (great), chocolate Yoo-Hoo (greater) and cheese Danish (greatest). And with that, my thoughts turned from mourning what I wanted to celebrating what I have.

Today alone, I had this:
· more than a hundred birthday messages via social media, texts or phone calls;

· family members who made certain I heard from them with their own unique greetings;

· a mother who drove almost an hour to bring some food and help clean my house, doing the chores I’m still unable to do while I recover from knee surgery;

· a best friend whose son took his first steps.

That text message also helped inspire to return to church today, and one quote from the sermon will stick with me for a long time: “Being content is the greatest thing.”

It has been a happy birthday, one of the best, thanks to all of you. I am content. It really is the greatest thing.

4 thoughts on “Turning 38: simple words can change an outlook

  1. Awesome as Always! I am happy you are content! Thanks to you for reminding us all to be content and thanks for your friend(s) and family who reminded you to be as well! Love you! XXXOOO (Hugs and kisses that our Papa always put in his cards and short notes)

  2. Well now I know why Rose didn’t answer the phone. glad you got to have her with you to celebrate the day you were born 38 short years ago.
    I can sympathize with you about knee surgery. NO fun at all.

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