The joys of being a published nerd

About a month ago, I was at a comic book show in Cincinnati, when I overheard Batgirl talk about needing writers for a nerd-themed website.

Being both a writer and a nerd (and, apparently, an eavesdropper), I stopped Batgirl to get more information. Fast forward to now, and I’m currently submitting some articles for the site: The Nerdy Bomb. For my regular followers (and I thank each of you for reading me), I encourage you to go over to the site and sign up for the newsletter. Most of my posts will be originating there, then after an agreed-upon time period, I can put them here with links to The Nerdy Bomb. I’ll also be trying to do non-nerd updates here, so there’s no reason to abandon the So … There I Was ship.

I appreciate your support, and I’m always seeking new ideas, so please leave them in the comments, or just follow me on Twitter at @skhall.

Oh, and the most current blog post is here: Spooning a Robot: How a Tissue Donor Taught a Terminator Feelings. Please share it with your friends/followers, and if you like it, leave some comments on the Nerdy Blog page.


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